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Australians have surely made a great impact on in the Dubai market and that is why cargo to Australia is a big need here. Rich with nature and technology, Australia is a great blend of beauty on earth. UAE has been a major and important business partner to Australia and that is why there is always exchange of properties between the two.

Logimart have made a proper approach to fulfil the needs of Australians in the trading route. We have been dominating the cargo services from years and we are favourites of Australian clients due to these reasons.

  • We have special arrangements for fast deliveries by Air Cargo to Australia. Our tie-ups with major airline companies make it easy for you.
  • Reliable cargo firms associated with us are putting all their efforts to give Logimart at first place for cargo to Australia.
  • The increasing trade relationships bring many clients requiring port to port shipping to Australia. We have the entire container booking systems for easy port to part cargos.
  • Many individuals come to us with a demand of small service of cargo. We make them satisfied with our door to door program which includes all the custom clearances with ease from our reliable agents.
  • We have seen families settling from Dubai to the beautiful country Australia due to business works and thus, they end up selling their valuable goods at very cheap rates in a hurry. Logimart suggests you to keep those things and bring our professionals in for taking control from booking to packing to sending to delivering safely.
  • You can all the paper work on the Airports to our expert clearing agents who have handled from smallest to biggest orders with ease.


With proper clearing and cargo of goods, we make sure our clients never face any problem while sending their goods. Using technology and latest techniques, your property is safe with us. 

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