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Logimart is a great online solution to send your goods to Abu Dhabi from Dubai without any hassle. Even after being a leader of sending global shipments from Dubai, it has been an excellent work from the professionals of Logimart to make us the favourites of local clients looking to send goods to Abu Dhabi.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi relate in many prospects and when we talk about trading, it is an everyday task. There are several on-going businesses and there are many looking to start between the two. We receive shipments regularly for Abu Dhabi. Being client dedicated, we take proper care of every small to big shipment to Abu Dhabi and deliver it faster than anyone else delivers as well as cheaper than anyone else.


You can always choose the superior Air Freight options from our top shipment agents for faster delivery. There are number of people asking for door to door cargo service to Abu Dhabi that we never miss out on. Being a great revenue generator for us, we always try to satisfy each and every client availing our cargo to Abu Dhabi Services.

Are you a business man too looking to expand from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The best logistics can help you with cheapest rate on port to port cargo to Abu Dhabi and air freights. From packaging to delivery, Logimart will do it all for you in not much extra money. We have a proper warehouse arrangement to those shipments that need a different environment. For any type of query, ask us now with some of the hardworking team of professionals.


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