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Logimart has been serving as top oil and gas equipment shipping providers with a well-maintained history. People use to send oil and gas equipment to all over the globe from Dubai with options as container shipping, machinery handling and many others. Expertized in all the rules and regulations of oil and gas equipment shipping, Logimart has a team of professionals having knowledge of all the formalities.

Our tie-ups with excellent courier companies make it easy for big businesses to send oil and gas equipment to several parts of the world from Dubai. You can send equipment to Europe, USA, Africa, India, Kenya, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many other places. One of the major reasons why we are on the top is proper delivery to the destination. You will not have any sort of problem while receiving the cargo due toappropriate clearance of customs.


Getting easy oil equipment shipping has been tough. Many clients come to us with a complaint of not being satisfied from other cargo providers. There are times when few parts are left undelivered. With Logimart, you will be secure from these minor errors because we know how important sector it has been for us and what our customers mean to us.

We have a good payment options and currently offer the most economical ways for oil and gas equipment shipping. Not only that, Logimart knows how much risk factor is there from clients part sending such expensive machineries at so cheap rates. Just so you know, Logimart secures this line too with providing insurance on every equipment.


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