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Cargo to Saudi Arabia is a very critical element of successful trade between UAE and Saudi Arabia which is close to 100 Billion AED. UAE and Saudi Arabia are traditional trading partners and their trade relationship is getting strengthened every day. At the same time, the challenges of sending cargo by Road from UAE to Saudi Arabia have always been very remarkable. UAE and Saudi Governments have taken various steps to streamline the process of sending cargo to Saudi Arabia from UAE and Vice Versa. Still, we hear stories of very long queues of Truck getting stuck at the border.


Problem at the border with Cargo to Saudi Arabia


How can we streamline Cargo to Saudi services?

It is very important for businesses to have a reliable Logistics service provider who can deliver some predictable cargo to Saudi Arabia services. We hear very sad stories of businessmen who suffer some losses because of the horrible stories at the border. Logimart has partnered with Service Providers who have exclusive channels to send cargo without waiting at the border. This removes the biggest pain point of uncertainty at the border when it comes to Road Freight to Saudi Arabia.

Logimart carefully selects partners who can add real value to the customers by solves their very pestering problems. And fortunately for Logimart customers who seek support for Cargo to Saudi Arabia, we are able to partner with Service provider who has exclusive network, border passing, and customs clearance capabilities.

One of the Logistics experts was quoting that “Cargo to Saudi Arabia is handled like driving a truck with a full of loads with very bad tires. It can break the tires any time and cause heavy damage. People should depend on reliable service providers instead of sending with unreliable drivers who get into last minute bargains at the border.”


Another problem people face is the documentation and business compliance requirement which are unclear to most of the shippers. Logimart has partners who are very well versed in the documentation and procedure like SASO. So Shippers should select reliable service providers.

Our partners offer insurance cover up to 1.5 million Saudi Riyal. And considering the damages shippers suffer, it is something very important to get coverage for cargo to Saudi Arabia. Our partners can drive our shipper’s shipments directly to the warehouse and do the custom clearance and deliver the goods to the consignee in 3-5 days.
Logimart for reliable Cargo to Saudi Arabia

So if you need to get a reliable partner to send cargo to Saudi Arabia, please contact Logimart by calling +971501910498 or email to support@logimart.com

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