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There is always a lot going on between Asian countries and Dubai. So, cargo to Sri Lanka has been a very wide revenue generator for Logistics. Sri Lanka and Dubai has a big business relationship, and there are commercial clients always sending big cargos to Sri Lanka. Logistics has all the solutions to Sri Lanka at very budget friendly and economical rates. We have many options for the cargo clients of Sri Lanka.

Sea Freight: The biggest of all is sea freights option to Sri Lanka. It is quite reasonable and gives our Sri Lankan clients an option of sending big and large shipments with ease. You can book containers for FCL or LCL (full or less than container load) to send big orders. Our port to port option provide fast and reasonable cargo service from Dubai to Sri Lanka.

You can send big machinery through our sea freight option. Heavy shipment and bulk orders has been made very easy with sea freights. Business persons get benefits of sending all the product deliveries easily through sea routes to Sri Lanka.

Air Freight: Logimart brings a faster way of sending and receiving goods to Sri Lanka. Airfreights option makes your goods delivered fast and easy. With a very little extra money spent, you will have the awesome service at affordable rates. Logimart have a well-behaving, expert and user-friendly staff, always ready to assist any client with any issues. So when you need a fast delivery of big consignments, just choose air freights and stay relaxed.


Door to Door - One of the most convenient ways to stay relax with your cargo is choosing door to door cargo service to Sri Lanka. We have a team of very expert agents clearing every custom regulation with ease and bringing the product right at the destination, safe and secure. We will have the pick up as per your direction.

Packaging and Handling - Sri Lanka has been a big profit sector to Logimart and that is why, we never compromise with quality of our services. We ensure a safe handling of all your packages, and if you want a strong packing, then you can use our professional help of packaging too.


Logimart is a total solution provider for cargo to Sri Lanka and we hope to keep continue our flawless and smooth services at very cheap and affordable rates.

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