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Import policy

The major potential of Bhutan are its hydropower potential and its tourism. Imports in Bhutan increased to 55306.90 Million BTN in 2015 from 51969.80 Million BTN in 2014. Imports in Bhutan averaged 18531.66 Million BTN from 1991 until 2014, reaching an all-time high of 55306.90 Million BTN in 2014 and a record low of 1254.90 Million BTN in 1991.Bhutan mainly imports oil and fuels, base metals, machinery and electrical appliances, vehicles, wood and food. Bhutan's main imports partner is India, accounting for around 80 per cent of total imports. Other imports partners include South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, China and Nepal. Our company provides a common platform for both agents and the customers that make’s trade even more easily.
Following are the import procedure followed in Bhutan:-

  1. Clearance of goods imported for Bhutan shall be against Letter of Guarantee issued by the Royal Bhutan Customs/ Representative of the Royal Government of Bhutan. 
  2. At the Customs House, the importer or his agent (hereinafter referred to as the “Importer”) shall present the Letter of Guarantee in the prescribed form (Annexure in five copies. The last two columns pertaining to classification of goods a duty shall be completed by the Indian Customs.  
  3. The Customs House shall ensure that the seals are intact in case of containerised goods and in case of non-containerised goods, after percentage check if necessary, goods may be sealed individually or the transport in which they are being carried be so sealed. 
  4. The Customs House, after having satisfied with the procedures in Para C above, shall endorse all the copies of the Letter of Guarantee.  The fourth copy shall be handed over to the importer.  The fifth shall be sealed and handed over to the importer for passing on to the Indian Customs Officer at the exit point in India. 
  5. On arrival of the goods at the Indo-Bhutan border, the importer shall present to the Indian Customs Officer, the goods as well as his copy of the Letter of Guarantee and the sealed copy for the Customs Officer.  The Customs Officer shall compare the two copies and allow movement of goods into Bhutan after checking the seal.  The fourth copy shall be returned to the importer after due endorsement and fifth copy sent to the Customs House. 
  6. In case of imports not reaching their destination, the Customs officials of the two countries shall get in contact so as to trace the movement of the goods. In case the goods are found to have been diverted intentionally or purposely into India, the Indian Authorities would invoke the guarantee and get in touch with the Transit & Liaison Office/ Representative of the Royal Government of Bhutan in Kolkata to realize the Customs duties and other dues of the Government of the Republic of India.

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  • All arms and ammunition are prohibited from entering the country unless special permission has been granted from the Royal Bhutan Army.
  • Plant and plant materials will require permission from the Ministry of Agriculture before being granted permission to enter the country.
  • Animal and animal products will also require permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to enter the country. All cats, dogs and other pets will also need a travel health certificate clearing the creature of any potential infection or contamination.
  • Wireless and remote sensing telecommunications equipment will need a permit from the Ministry of Communication.

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Export policy

Bhutan is based on agriculture and forestry from which more than 60% of the people are provided with their livelihood. Exports in Bhutan increased to 32880 Million BTN in 2014 from 29931.50 Million BTN in 2013. Exports in Bhutan averaged 12418.86 Million BTN from 1991 until 2015, reaching an all-time high of 32880 Million BTN in 2015 and a record low of 1129.60 Million BTN in 1991. Bhutan mostly exports electricity to India (around 50 per cent of total exports). Other exports include metals, chemical products, food, wood and rubber. Bhutan's main exports partner is India, accounting for around 97 per cent of total exports. Other exports partners include Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Japan, Nepal and Singapore. Our company provides great service and a transparent platform to make trade operations even easier and accessible.
Following mentioned are the export procedure followed in Bhutan:-
a)    The Bhutan Customs will issue a Transit Declaration in the prescribed form (Annexure II) to the owner of the goods or his agent. In the case of third country goods, the transit declaration would also carry an undertaking from the Customs authorities of Bhutan that the goods are meant for consumption in Bhutan only, and in cases of deflection, the laws of both Indian and Bhutan Customs would be applicable. Movement of goods through India accompanied by the Transit Declaration shall not be subject to any sample checking by the Indian authorities except in cases where a specific information is made available to the Indian Customs authorities about consignment(s) carrying goods which are contraband in nature or contrary to the importability of those in any manner. These goods will be examined by Indian customs while transiting through India.  
b)    At the entry point in India, the Transit Declaration pertaining to goods of third country origin shall be presented to the Indian customs who shall endorse and return it to the owner or his agent and allow movement of goods. 
c)    The Transit Declaration shall be deposited with the Bhutan Customs Officials at the point of re-entry into Bhutan who shall release the goods after inspecting the same.  

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