Policies & Procedures for Taiwan, Province of China

Import policy

Free Import

Allowance for over 20(or over) year olds. No information available about allowance for under 20 year olds.

  • 200 cigarettes 
  • 25 cigars
  • 500g of tobacco
  • 1L alcohol (regardless of the amount of bottles)
  • Personal articles that have been owned and used by the passengers abroad up to the value of NT$10,000 for each piece or set.
  • Combination of personal articles (new items) or gifts up to the value of NT$20,000

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  • Pets - health certificate required along with complete and valid inoculations. Contact nearest embassy or the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.
  • Plants, foodstuff and seeds - health certificate required. Contact nearest embassy if you are planning on transporting any foodstuff. 
  • Medication (please contact the nearest embassy or mission to make sure they are allowed)
  • Currency
  • Gold - declarable, if exceeding value of US$ 20,000 permission required the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Foreign Trade 
  • Foreign currencies – declarable regardless of amount
  • Bearer Negotiable Instruments (cheques, money orders, drafts etc.)- Declarable when equals or exceeds US$ 10,000.
  • Local Currency New Taiwan Dollar – up to NT$60,000, any exceeding amounts requires permission from the Central Bank of China
  • Renminbi/ Yuan (currency of People’s Republic of China) - up to 20,000,- any amount above that needs to be declared and will be placed in bond and will be returned upon leave.

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Export policy

Disclaimer: Policies and procedures for all export, Import have been extracted from various internet resources and published policies by the respective governments. Logimart.com is not responsible for any change or alteration in the above written policies and procedures.

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