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Logimart.com is an online open Logistics Marketplace where genuine shippers get connected with the most reliable and specialized Logistics service providers(Agents), Logimart asserts to verify all shipment requests and filter and pass only genuine quote requests to qualified service providers in those sectors and service category.
Our customer service representatives are here to guide customers with a shipping need by finding the best agents and rates for shipping the cargo. Our customer service team screens and verifies every customer and his quote requests as well as the Agents(Service Providers) for their capabilities and competence (competency). You can contact our executives via phone, email or live chat.
Our customer service representatives are here to guide customers with a shipping need to find the best agents and rates for shipping the cargo. Our customer service team screens and verifies every customer and his quote requests as well as the service providers for their capabilities and competence. You can contact our executives via phone, emails or live chat.
For individuals or businesses with a shipping need, logimart.com is a gateway where they can find, get quotes and compare from the genuine and specialized shipping service providers (Agents) for their needs. For shipping service providers (Agents), logimart.com is the source from where they can get real customers for their business without having to spend on marketing, advertising or sales for their services.
Yes, Logimart portal is available 24x7 to accomplish all your requests.
Logimart customer service team will be working the entire days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
If you want any assistance from Logimart you can call the customer care team on +971 4 5515009 or send an e-mail to support@logimart.com. For queries on Agent side, e-mail to agent@logimart.com
No other users apart from a customer who has placed a Job Order with your company can see the information about the company in case you are a shipping service provider(Agent). In case you are a customer who has a shipping need, only the Agent with whom you have placed the Job Order will be able to see your company details.
Logimart partners with worldwide agents who are best in the industry. Logimart will never compromise in offering the best quality of service.

My Account and My Orders

Yes, you should register with Logimart first as a customer and it’s free of cost. This will help to fulfil the benefits and rights of the customer. To register, please click on the Sign up link in the home page.
Yes, you should register with Logimart first to partner with us as an Agent. Registration is a primary step towards the Agent partnership activation. You can use and enjoy the benefits of an Agent by subscribing with us and providing your business details as asked for. This will help you to offer your correct services to the customers. To register as an Agent, please click on the Agent Area in home page.
If you are an agent you can avail our services for free for the first three month period. After that you should be a paid member to enjoy our services.
If you are already a member, please log in by clicking on the My Logimart link on the top navigation in the home page.
If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link “Forgot Password”. It will open a window asking for your e-mail id. Please enter a valid e-mail id of yours, where a link will be sent to you to reset your password.
To change your password, click on the change password option under privacy settings. Enter new password and submit your request.
You can browse all the information as same as a registered user except that you will not be able to place a quote request and thereby get quotes and compare at Logimart.com
You can check the validity by logging into with your Agent credentials. We will be sending you reminders via e-mail informing about the expiry date of your subscription.
The identity proofs that we accept are Passport copy and National ID.
No, customers don’t need to sign any contract with Logimart.
Yes, if you are a registered member you need to sign the contract.

Payments and Receipt

Logimart accepts all Visa, Master card and Net Banking payments.
Other than online payment you can remit your fee by Cash payment and Bank Transfer.
Yes, your payment details on Logimart will be secure when sent over the internet.
Once the payment is successful, the browser will display transaction details along with a payment reference number.
1) If the internet connection gets disconnected before confirming the payment by the gateway, then you need to re-do the payment. 2) If the internet connection disconnected after the payment was done successfully, but the browser has not displayed any transaction details and payment reference number; your amount is debited from your account then your payment is received by financial desk. For support, you are requested to contact our customer service number +971 4 5515009 or email to support@logimart.com
You will receive the payment receipt by email.

Quotation and Booking

You can click the link “Request a Quote” on the upper right side of the home page. Fill out our online quote form with minimum details. Soon our customer service representative will contact you, please provide the requested relevant information to him/her in order to offer you a quick and accurate quote.
Yes, you need a Logimart account to request a quote.
You can contact our customer service team by telephone or by e-mail and provide the reference no to follow-up your request.
After you login as a customer, go to "My Quotation" and submit the order confirmation by clicking the ‘Order Confirmation’ button.
Once you confirm the order you can view the status of the order as ‘Confirmed’ in ‘My Jobs’ after you login.
If you need to change your booking arrangements at any time, please feel free to contact us by email support@logimart.com or phone +971 4 5515009. We will assist you to process further procedures for the necessary changes.
Once you have confirmed the booking with an Agent at Logimart.com, one of the representative of the agent will contact you in order to arrange the pick-up.
Yes. To track your shipments login first and go to \'My Orders\' then enter the given tracking number to track and trace your shipment.
You can contact our customer service team by telephone or by e-mail and provide the reference number to follow-up your request.

Operation and Documentation Support

Weight and size of the cargo differ depending on the service and destination. Does your shipment in gauge or out gauge ? Feel free to contact us +971 4 5515009 or support@logimart.com.
Yes, it is mandatory to mention the weight and dimension of your parcel or cargo because LCL (Less than container load) and air freight shipment rates are calculated based on volume or gross weight whichever is higher.
Yes, there are prohibited/restricted items subject to the regulations of the country. You can find detailed information about the prohibited/restricted items on our website.
The goods that are considered as dangerous or hazardous are Explosives, Gases, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidizing Substances, Toxic & Infectious Substances, Radioactive Material, Corrosives etc..
Normally a 20 feet standard container will carry approximately 21 tonnes of cargo. Maximum gross weight for 20 feet standard container is 24000 Kgs. Please check our Container Guide for more information.
Yes frozen and chilled cargoes can be carried in Reefer containers.
You are not allowed to ship a banned item at any circumstances. Shipment can be rejected and fines can be imposed and the customer will be responsible for any fines that occur. Customer will also be responsible for fees involved in time and labor for proper removal and disposal of such items.
There are a number of documents that are commonly used in exporting and importing, but specific requirements vary by destination and product. The most common export documents are Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice/ Invoice, Packing List and Certificate of Origin. And the import documents are Delivery order issued from the Shipping line or the authority, Commercial Invoice/ Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Bill of Lading.
Logimart will not be providing insurance for your cargo.
If you don’t know the exact destination city and postal code please furnish the quotation form with correct available information and submit, one of our customer service representatives will support you to do it.
To know the arrival of the shipment, please track your shipment with the given tracking number on Logimart.com or please feel free to contact the Logimart customer service by phone or email us at support@logimart.com
No. Logimart does not have any direct involvement in shipping.
Through logimart.com, you can request a quote for logistics services. Upon acceptance of any quote by you from a shipping agent, the contact details of that agent will be shared with you.
To start off, Logimart will provide services from United Arab Emirates to rest of the world and vice-versa.

Cancellation and Claims

If the shipper cancels the order before the shipment collection date, 50% of the "Order Booking Amount" will be refunded. And if he cancels the shipment after a shipment collections is made, there will be not refunds.
Claims are handled directly between the Customer, the consignee, and the Agent/ Service Provider. Logimart is not involved in the actual claims process and has no influence on the agent’s claim decision. Claims with the agent must be filed without any failure. Our representatives can help you in filing a claim and can provide the proper forms. Please contact us for more information.
Neither Logimart nor the direct shipping agent/ service provider will be held responsible for any misconduct of the shipment. The shipper/customer is solely responsible for his cargo. All the details related to the cargo and other particulars of the contents of the shipment are as furnished by the shipper/customer and are unknown to Logimart, shipping agent/ service provider.
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