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Warehousing is the central part of Logistics and distribution, which is commercial storage area built for the protection of the goods. The requirements of warehousing are increased than the previous years due to the increase in production and consumption of the goods as well the goods are producing in particular season but are demanded 365days and vice-versa. This facility is mainly used by Manufactures, Exporters, Importers, Customs, wholesalers and Transport companies etc.Some of the warehouses provide packing and re-packing facilities, processing, barcoding, blending and grading etc. The different types of warehouses are Public Warehouses, Private Warehouses and Bonded Warehouses. Some of these have Cool and Cold storage facility, Refrigerated warehouses, Hazmat Storage and open yard. Now a days most of the warehousing companies are expanding their business across the world which means is a lucrative business ever.

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